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In the spring of 2003, I will be leaving Edmonton on a motorcycle, beginning a journey with the goal to raise money for  cancer prevention and finding a cure. Also, I hope to raise funds to assist families and provide patient support.  All of this will be done on behalf of the Cross Cancer Institute (in Alberta) and Israel Cancer Research Fund (the rest of Canada and Israel). The campaign will specifically be in memory of my beloved brother, Gili, who passed away in October 2000. A few years earlier, we lost my aunt Dalia from cancer. Both were only in their 40ís and are missed every day.

The route will take me through several Canadian provinces, some U.S. states and finally, arriving in Toronto. From there, using a commercial airline, I will fly to Europe (the specific country to be determined), and continue on to Cyprus, where I will take a ferry that will take me to my final destination of Israel, where my brother passed away.

Cancer is a global fight, a global campaign. Ride For Life.


The purpose of this site is to provide details on the campaign, the journey and ultimately raise money which will contribute for this global battle.



Rami Bader