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The journey will start in May 22,  2003 and will last approximately 6 weeks. It will start in Edmonton, AB, Canada, cross Saskatchewan, then into the United States - through  Minnesota, Illinois, then back across the border into Ontario, Canada, and finally arriving in Toronto. This portion of the journey will take approximately four riding days.

Bellow are thumbnail images of the proposed rout in North America.

Proportional view by day (the second set are more detailed maps):

Day 1                Day 2               Day 3                Day 4

865 Km             829 Km            1024 Km           848 Km



In Toronto, Gidion Lee will Join me for the first portion of the European part of the trip.  We will fly with the bikes to Lisbon, (Portugal) , where we will then start the trek across  Europe.

Europe Route.gif (18940 bytes)

About the European route - Please visit this page again in few day!