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ICRF has a proven track record of choosing cancer research projects in which to support that have yielded breakthroughs in understanding and treating cancer.  Groundbreaking discoveries about how cells become “cancer cells”, cancer-fighting drugs, and gene studies have all come out of Israel. Review of research grant applications is conducted yearly by a 26-member Scientific Review Panel comprised of eminent cancer researchers drawn from major research institutions from throughout the United States and Canada.  The review process is modeled after that of the National Institutes of Health.  The Panel places a strong emphasis on supporting young scientists pioneering in new directions. At the same time, ICRF is also careful to provide senior investigators with the long-term funding they need to make scientific breakthroughs that may take years to achieve. 

The need for ICRF has never been greater.  The current situation has strained the economy.  There are fears that science grants from Europe will be slowed down or stopped.  Funding for medical research has by necessity become a much lower priority, so much so, that at the present time Israel is among the world’s lowest investors in medical research, spending per capita only 40 U.S. cents, compared to $47 in the U.S.  Just recently, Israel cut its basic research budget by 5%.  Despite this, Israel’s scientists have still managed to be ranked number one in productivity among 69 countries, as measured by the number of scientific and technical articles they have published in leading journals. 

But to continue on and not have their work impeded by the current realities, the scientists of Israel need our help.  None of the funds raised are applied to the overhead of the institution in which the researcher is based.

I found the ICRF the best fit for my campaign.


Please click here to see the Letter Of Endorsement from the Israel Cancer Research Fund.