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To get this campaign on its feet, I had help from many friends and family members. Each contribution took me one step closer. So here they are in  alphabetical order (by last name):


Keren Bader - Who takes care of my media support in Israel.

Zafrir Ben-Yehuda- Who doesn't even know that when I was ready to give up - kept me going.

Jim Borynec - The computer guru who is hosting this site. Just when I think I know everything about computers, he proves to me that there is so much more to learn.

Rajeev Goonewardene - The computer wizard who will make this site perfect

Bob Graden - And his co-workers - For the campaign name - Ride For Life

Scott Jerrett - Though in Texas, Scott used his own ideas and talent to produce the sophisticated logo for the campaign.

Janice Johnston - from ThoughtWorks for her help in 'dealing with the media'.

Helen and Les Legg - Parents of Kea and the brand - Rebel With A Cause.

Jenni Teixeira - Couldn't do it without her help. Starting with English, contacts, and just being there.