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(23.5.1954 - 6.10.2000)

Gili (1954 - 2000)


Gili loved life and fought for it as hard as  he possibly could. He loved outdoor activities and would have loved to be with me on this trip (his picture is always with me on the road). When we were younger, my dad refused to let him (and later me) get a motorcycle license - "too dangerous". We finally got our licenses when we were 18. Our first motorized wheels where a pair of scooters. We had to drive 500km to break in the engines. So we drove to visit Gili’s friend. We had to ride on the highway, as there was no other way there. However, the speed had to be kept under 40km/h. So there we were, riding on the highway when a cyclist passed us!!! Gili and I just couldn’t stop laughing. We tried pushing with our legs, pedals and even leaned forward in an effort to move faster. The cyclist arrived at the town at least 20 minutes before us. Gili – we are breaking the speed limit these days! Wish you were here…

Gili left behind my parents, my sister Anat, myself, Orit and their children, Amit, Daniel and Sharon