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Fifth day


I wake up. I slept like a rock and as Shoshana warned me about the quality of her coffee. So we buy coffee somewhere. Its 9:00 am and we are driving via her office. Yesterday I was excited to learn that her office is in Skokie.  Skokie was a ‘battle field’ between the (leader of the) American Nazi Party (yes, there is a party like this!) and the local authorities, pushed by the Jewish community. It went all the way to the Supreme Court (allowing the Nazi Party to demonstrate in Skokie). Eventually, the ‘parade’ did not take place but the controversy ignited a wave of debates and it left a huge mark on the American Jewish society and on me (after watching a movie about it in 1980?).


I picked my rocks from Skokie.


We arrive at the bikers rally. Bikers. Bikes. There are all types, models and colors. Opening a table and arranging the items for the silent auction. Some of the ICRF (Chicago) Board members, including Rick the President and his wife Roberta Edelheit and others. Everything is gone by the end of the day (or morning) excluding some mufflers donated by Harley Davidson that will be auctioned on e-bay.


We are going for a ride. Rick suggests I take Roberta and Shoshana on Dan’s bike and they are experiencing the feeling a motorcycle ride for the first time. I am not sure if it won’t be the last…


I don’t have too much to tell you about today. I had great, great time. Beautiful people! Good weather. The pictures speak for themselves.