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Sixth day


Morning. Coffee. I do a little shopping as I forgot a laundry bag in a motel along the way. Packing and…. I am on the road. This is a long weekend Monday. The traffic becomes heavier. After “depositing” $3 US the traffic just stopped. Lanes are closed and now there are only two open, separated by a concrete divider and you can’t pass. I am driving around Lake Michigan and the wind cools it down. There are many caravans, RVs and boats on trailers but traffic flows now. I sing with the radio, enjoying the sun and…. All too soon in front of me the sky turns darker and darker. I don’t know why but I think the weather follows me. I stop for fuel.  At the same time I’m fueling the bike, I look at the map and decide where to spend the night.


When getting on the bike again, the visibility is poor. Cold wind blows and soon the road start to become ‘spotted’ with deer. No, they didn’t jump up and down on the green hills while eating grass. Those I notice are eating asphalt. 30 minutes later the traffic stops. On the highway divider lays a 4X4 on it’s roof. Beside it, are the cops, firemen, EMTs and the rest of the gang. You realize from here on it is slow going as everyone has slow down for the accident. I decide to park tonight in Ann Harbor. 542 km. It’s not so bad. Tomorrow is a new day. The only problem I have is that the Motel 6 I picked wasn’t really in of best shape (to say the least) and the internet connection was poor as well so I could not update the site. Oh well.


Bottom line – ‘weak’ day’ but wait for tomorrow. I will miss this quiet. (how does he know? You ask. Hu, I respond, a magician I am)


Deer – 17, Raccoons – 0, unknown – 14, cars - 1